Credit: Tony Duran/FOX Photo: Freeze Frame! The Idol Judges Leap Into a New Season

American Idol co-creator and executive producer Simon Fuller has been with the show since the beginning. He’s seen the lows and the highs and everything in between. But in this interview, Fuller says he’s all about Idol 2.0, calling Season 10 “the best season ever.”

Said the visionary Brit, “The best surprise about this new Idol season, is the positivity and energy around the show. All the producers, editors and crew have taken a new pride in the show, each person focused on making everything they do better.”

Commenting on Idol’s continuing ratings dominance, Fuller expanded on why he’s loving Season 10 so much: “The ratings this season have been incredible, some of our recent shows are actually up on last year… This is partially because everybody working on the show has raised their game and we are delivering probably some of the best Idol shows ever… The addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, real stars who also shared that dream, has brought a new level of understanding and empathy to the show…”

We totes agree with this brilliant Brit that Idol Season 10 is showing us a true return to form. And what’s more, the show is doing it without the help of Sir Crankypants!

Source: Deadline