Last week, the judges used their one and only save of the season on Jessica Sanchez, which means whoever has the lowest number of votes tonight is officially dunzo. Our guess is that Elise Testone is the likely eliminee, but we’ve been surprised before. On the other hand, if Phillip Phillips and Jessica aren’t safe, we’re never making predictions again.

53 million votes came in last night, which Ryan Seacrest says proves how much luuuuv there is for their Idols. It also probably proves that people were panicking after Jessica’s near-miss last week.

First up: A group number to “Dancing in the Streets”! It’s a cute performance, and there are dancers and people drumming on buckets all over the place, but Phillip isn’t petting Colton Dixon’s hair like last week, so it’s not quite as good. They do treat us to a fun balloon drop near the end, at least.

The first contestants called up for results are besties Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh. We’re assuming that out of these two, Hollie’s going to be in the Bottom 3. Jimmy Iovine says: Joshua needs to keep doing what he’s doing, and Hollie took a giant step forward last night but she’ll probably still be in the bottom. And to nobody’s surprise, including ours and Jimmy’s, Joshua is safe, and Hollie heads over to the Stools of Shame.

Kris Allen in the house! He has a big awesome-looking piano that’s spinning on a little platform. It’s sort of an odd staging choice, but his song is catchy. Also, he’s still really cute, in case anyone was worried.

Elise and Skylar Laine are next for results. Clearly Elise is going to be in the Bottom 3 and Skylar is going to be safe. These are really not suspenseful matchups! Jimmy says that Skylar delivered on Marvin Gaye but Elise fell flat. He also says that Elise needs to sing awesome rock songs and Skylar needs to keep on keepin’ on, basically. There’s some awkward conversation between Ryan and Elise in which Elise admits that she feels like Jimmy and the judges are extra-hard on her, and she feels both “disheartened” and “discredited.” Ouch. And with that, she’s sent to the Bottom 3, while Skylar is safe.

After a nice Dick Clark tribute, it’s time for a performance from LMFAO. There’s a lot of neon clothes and giant blow-up animals. They’re sorry for party rockin’. It’s always funny when these sort of musical acts come on Idol, where the focus is so much about, y’know, musical talent.

So, Jessica, Phillip, and Colton are left, which means one of them will be in the Bottom 3. Probably Colton. It could be Jessica, but after the drama of last week, we’re pretty sure her fans will have been out in force. Jimmy says that he shouldn’t have let Jessica sing “Try A Little Tenderness” because it’s too old for her, that Phillip killed on “U Got It Bad,” and he REALLY hated Colton’s performance of “Bad Romance.” Jessica is safe, which means one of our Cute Guys is going to make his first appearance in the Bottom 3. And that guy is... Colton.

So we’re down to Elise, Hollie, and Colton. Ryan walks Elise all over the stage and rambles a lot of nonsense at her before announcing she’s safe. Wow! That’s a pleasant surprise. So who will go home, Colton or Hollie? Hollie had a better night than Colton did, but Colton’s always seemed more popular. Hmmm.

After a break, it’s time to get the bad news. The person leaving tonight is: Colton. Phillip looks like he’s going to fall over, and in the audience, Colton’s sister is in tears. Aw. Colton apologizes for not being himself last night, and says he’ll take the judges’ advice and put it to good use when he makes an album.

He sings Lifehouse’s “Everything” for his swan song, and while he’s performing, Hollie and Phillip both look devastated. It’s sad, but hey, someone’s gotta go, right?

And then there were six. So what did you think of tonight’s results? Did America get it right? Do you wish the judges had saved their save for Colton?


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