Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Crystal Bowersox Turns Up the Glam in Season 9, Episode 26

Anyone who has listened to the music penned by Crystal Bowersox knows that much of it deals with her troubled past as the child of an alcoholic abuser. MamaSox’s debut album Farmer’s Daughter features songs that deal with this fact of her past with blistering honesty. Yet the personal relationship between the Season 9 American Idol alum and her beleaguered mother have healed somewhat since those days, despite that Crystal continues to create songs reliving the pain she experienced as a child.

"This is the sob story that never happened on American Idol," Bowersox said in a recent CNN interview. "[Farmer’s Daughter] is just my diary — dealing with child abuse, and alcoholism, and just a dark childhood that I had dealing with my mom and our relationship and everything."

When asked how her relationship with her mom stands currently, Crystal had kinder words about the matter than can be found on her album.

Said Bowersox, "She was a single mom trying to raise three kids on her own, and she didn't always deal with her frustrations the best way. She's a much better grandmother now than she was a mother for me. I haven't forgotten, but I've definitely forgiven my mom.”

Glad to hear some reconciliation has been made there, but we hope this super-talented folk songstress continues to sing her heart out in future releases.

Source: Digital Spy