Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Jermaine Jones at the American Idol Top 13 Finalists Party

Say it ain’t so! Last week, American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones’ estranged father allegedly crawled out of the woodwork and contacted the singer for the first time in years. Now sources are saying that Jermaine made the rift up for publicity.

According to Jermaine’s father, Kevin Jones, he never abandoned his son. He tells TMZ that he’s been involved in his son’s life over the years and has been in touch with him throughout the show. Apparently, he was in the audience last week and they went out to dinner together on Wednesday and Thursday.

TMZ reports Idol sources were “shocked” that Jermaine led them to believe that his father was only involved now that the deep-voiced crooner is on TV. Was the Gentle Giant just desperate for fan attention?


We don’t know what to believe, but in Jermaine’s defense, it looked like it was just him and his mom at the Portland auditions. Plus, if they are so close, would Jermaine’s dad just throw him under the bus like that? Seems suspicious...

Source: TMZ

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