Credit: Peter Kramer/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: Steven Tyler: Seven Years Later

Has 62-year-old American Idol judge Steven Tyler been getting a little surgical help? One doctor says yes.

Dr. J. David Holcomb, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Sarasota, Florida, says that Steven Tyler has very recently had “injectable fillers in strategic areas” of his face. (Note that Dr. Holcomb hasn’t actually treated Tyler himself, so this is all hearsay.) Using recent photos of the Idol judge in comparison with images of him from 2005, Holcomb says Steven’s face has tell-tale signs of plastic surgery. The doctor believes Steven has made use of Radiesse and Perlane to smooth out hollowness of the eyes, as well as Botox and laser peeling to do away with wrinkles on his forehead.

You tell us: Do you think Steven’s had work done?