Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: Nicki Minaj: Now

Some people think less is more. But those people have never met Nicki Minaj.


In an interview with Contact Magazine, the superstar and American Idol judge revealed that her philosphy on make-up can be boiled down to one, over-arching point: "More is more".


She also revealed that she is "obsessed" with enhancing her face by contouring it to highlight her best and favorite features. Morever, she adheres to the idea that makeup should be applied liberally and with the influence of two extremely important factors: imagination and confidence.


''I'm really into contouring to change the shape of my face. When it comes to putting on fake eyelashes, I use a little imagination, a lot of eyeliner, a steady hand and no fear. For me, more is more.''


So next time you see Nicki dressed like someone from the Capitol in The Hunger Games, remember that the look is brought to you by "no fear" and a "more is more" mindset.


Source: Contact Magazine