Credit: Getty Images Photo: Steven Tyler Arrives at the 20th Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing Party

Former American Idol judge Steven Tyler made a guest appearance during the Season 12 auditions on Thursday, but he wasn't sitting again behind the judges' table. As revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show previously by host Ryan Seacrest, Tyler actually auditioned for the show in drag!

“We have seen some incredible talent and a matter of fact tonight in the Oklahoma City episode at the end is a surprise audition,” Ryan said on Ellen. “Steven Tyler comes and auditions in drag. The judges didn't know it was him. Then the judges quickly figure out it is him.”

“I jumped on the set and tried to fool them to see if they could figure out who I was," Tyler said in a radio interview with syndicated host Bobby Jones, reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

How long did it take the American Idol 2013 judges to recognize Steven Tyler? Watch the hilarily below to find out how Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson reacted to the Aerosmith lead singer's prank!

Source: Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Hollywood Reporter

Credit: FOX Photo: Steven Tyler American Idol 2013 Drag Audition From Oklahoma City! (VIDEO)