Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: American Idol Season 10 Finalists Get Tough at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night on March 19, 2011

Remember when we reported that the American Idol Top 11 had moved out of the Idol mansion, because they thought it was haunted? Well, the news has reached the ears of “ghost adventurer” Zak Bagans, who believes these reports indicate a “possibly demonic” infiltration of the Idol mansion. Bagans is a self-professed paranormal expert, and the star of the reality series “Ghost Adventures Crew,” so take that for what it’s worth.

Bagans has suggested an investigation of the mansion by his “crew” that would potentially include the Idol Top 11 in a kind of Ghost Adventures/American Idol cross-over special. Bagans told TMZ: "If there are spirits or demonic entities present they may have had a connection with one of [the Idol contestants] ... hence all the activity."

And we’re totally sure that drawing attention from Idol’s hordes of fans to the comparatively much less popular Ghost Adventures had absolutely nothing to do with this assessment either. Maybe Zak and his crew could investigate into how Paul McDonald’s teeth are so ghostly white…

Source: TMZ