Credit: Michael Becker/FOX © 2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Breanna Steer Performs in American Idol 2013 Las Vegas Round 3

While we didn't see much of American Idol 2013 hopeful Breanna Steer prior to the Las Vegas rounds, she emerged as a breakout performer to watch in the sudden death rounds.

It almost seems as though the powers that be behind Idol hide some of these super big singers from us to be able to get more bang for their buck -- sneaky, sneaky!

The exotic beauty from Laplace, Louisiana is confident in her abilities, saying during her Road to Hollywood interview, “I think I’m voice is unique.” However, she’ll remain a virtual mystery to us until tonight’s performances.

We weren’t able to even locate any online music samples for her when creating our original bios, so she may be relatively new to having a music career.

So how far does Breanna Steer get on American Idol 2013? She has a bit of an uphill battle, to be honest. There are some seriously impressive female contestants this year.

However, even with stiff competition, Breanna managed to survive the Vegas round 3 cuts and move on to the Top 20. Whether she will be able to make it through the semi-finals, however, is questionable. In the end, it will be up to the voters to decide!

Credit: YouTube/Fox Photo: American Idol 2013 Top 40: Road to Hollywood - Breanna Steer (VIDEO)
Credit: FOX Photo: Kez Ban, Janelle Arthur, Breanna Steer, and Angela Miller Sing "Be My Baby" in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 3
Credit: FOX Photo: American Idol 2013: Breanna Steer “Bust Your Windows” Las Vegas Performance