American Idol Season 12 Rachel Hale was bubbly and positive in the audition rounds, and the judges were positive that she deserved a ticket to Hollywood. 
Her rendition of  “People Get Ready” caused Randy Jackson to break into spontaneous song. How often does that happen? The judges loved her, southern accent and all, and thought she'd be just as happy if they hadn't sent her through. She managed to impress the judges again during Round 4 of Hollywood Week with her solo performance.
Rachel did well during Hollywood Week and was given a spot in the Top 40. However, when she had to compete against fellow country girl Janelle Arthur in the Vegas rounds, she came out second best and was sent home.


Watch Rachel's performances from American Idol 2013 below.

Credit: YouTube/Fox Photo: American Idol 2013: Top 40 Road to Hollywood - Rachel Hale

Rachel Hale, Auditions Long Beach ~ American... by HumanSlinky
Credit: FOX Photo: Rachel Hale Sings “People Get Ready” in American Idol 2013 Long Beach Auditions on January 30 (VIDEO)
Credit: FOX Photo: Rachel Hale and Janelle Arthur Sing in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 3
Credit: FOX Photo: Rachel Hale Sings Haley Reinhart’s "Undone" in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 4
Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Rachel Hale Sing “Nothing But the Water” in American Idol 2013 Las Vegas Round 3