Shubha Vedula sang to only half of the American Idol 2013 judges, but we think Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would have approved of her version of Christina Aguilera’s “Good Feeling.”
She got an enthusiastic “yes” from both Keith Urban and Randy Jackson, but is that enough of an endorsement for Shubha to get through Hollywood Week?

Shubha impressed the judges during the auditions to earn a Golden Ticket. She did it again during Round 4 of Hollywood Week with her version of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston's duet "When You Believe."

In the Las Vegas rounds, Shubha performed a not-so well received take on "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, the song choice proved to be the wrong one for Shubha, and she was eliminated.

Watch all of Shubha's performances from American Idol 2013 below.

Credit: YouTube/Fox Photo: American Idol 2013 Top 40: Road to Hollywood - Shubha Vedula
Credit: YouTube Photo: American Idol 2013 Hopeful Shubha Vedula Sings Mariah Carey's "Hero"
Credit: FOX Photo: Shubha Vedula Sings Christina Aguilera’s “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” in American Idol 2013 Long Beach Auditions on January 30 (VIDEO)
Credit: FOX Photo: Shubha Vedula and Juliana Chahayed Sing in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 4
Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Shubha Vedula Sing "Born This Way" in American Idol 2013 Las Vegas Round 1