Can words describe Zoanette Johnson’s audition? This flamboyant contestant sang new life into the National Anthem, infusing it with a dash of drama and a whole lot of crazy. But personality aside, Zoanette’s voice left the American Idol 2013 judges in shock (the good kind). After what seemed like the longest Idol audition in history, they voted unanimously to send her off to Hollywood Week.

So how far will this colorful singer get on Season 12? Well, you'll be seeing a lot more
 Zoanette -- for a while at least -- since she made it past the Las Vegas rounds and is now in the Top 20. After seeing her explosive Hollywood Week Round 4 performance — complete with its own drum solo — and her crazy, stage rocking "Circle of Life" performance in Vegas, we have to say we're not surprised!


Could the semi-finals be the last time we'll see Zoanette Johnson on stage? We hope not, but her performance on Tuesday night was not quite as incredibly entertaining as her previous times on stage. For Zoanette, it has always been more about the overall performance than the vocals. However, this time around, the vocals were so off, even a fun performance may not save her.


Watch Zoanette's performances on American Idol 2013 below.

Credit: YouTube/Fox Photo: American Idol 2013 Top 40: Road to Hollywood - Zoanette Johnson (VIDEO)
Credit: FOX Photo: Zoanette Johnson Sings the National Anthem in American Idol 2013 Oklahoma City Auditions (VIDEO)
Credit: FOX Photo: Zoanette Johnson and Her Group Sing "Knock on Wood" in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 3
Credit: FOX Photo: Zoanette Johnson Sings an Original Song and Plays the Drums in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 4
Credit: FOX Photo: American Idol 2013: Zoanette Johnson “Circle of Life” Las Vegas Performance