Credit: Tony Duran/FOX Photo: Steven Tyler Leaves a Trail in Black

Still desperately searching for that perfect Halloween costume? Look no further than rock star turned American Idol judge Steven Tyler! Here’s our Mr. Aerosmith how-to.

What You’ll Need:
- A messy, wild hairdo. Apply Wild Harvest Molding Wax by FX, $6.99 for shorter hair, or Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble, $23 for long, wavy strands. Then, spray all over with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray, $14. We suggest adding a little zing of color in your locks with Streekers, too.
- Lip plumping gloss. If you want to achieve rock star lips, you have to go big. We recommend
Benefit Lip Plump, $13
- A round-rimmed hat, preferably black or brown and suede.
- A long duster, leather or velvet will be perfect. Fringe is an added bonus.
- The most happening 1970s patterned polyester shirt you can find.
- A silky scarf with a mismatching pattern.
- Load up on relics: big rings, a fur tail earring, a set of necklaces with items dangling on them such as: a shark’s tooth, silver fangs, a bullet, a rabbit’s foot for good luck at your next show, a chain, crystal, crescent moon, Virgin Mary, and/or skull.
- A hair feather or two. But we advise caution: Keep your feather colors neutral. You want to achieve ‘70s desert gypsy, not Miley Cyrus.
- Bell-bottoms, like the Staring at Stars Crushed Velvet Flare Pant, $49
- Cowboy boots or massive platforms, like Jeffrey Campbell’s Americana Lita Boot, $150 (Seriously, you’re going to want to scope out how rockin’ these kicks are).

Bonus Points:
- Air guitar, wail your best high-pitched rocker scream, and sing out lyrics like, “Sweet emotion!” “I go crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby!” or “Walk this way!”
- Continuously critique people who rock your world by telling them: “Well, hellfire, save matches, f*** a duck and see what hatches!”
- Do a little dance. Snap your fingers, do a twirl, and squeeee like you’re hearing the best thing you’ve ever heard.
- Get your friends to dress up as Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul.