Credit: Michael Becker/FOX Photo: The Judges Approve in Season 10, Episode 9: Hollywood Round 2

Can we just say last night’s American Idol Top 13 show was one of the most dramatic episodes of the show we’ve ever seen! We saw some crazy talent getting cut, and those wild card contestants sang their hearts out to show the judges what they can do.

It’s a good thing the wild card contestants sang like they did, because the decision to include 13 contestants in the final round instead of 12 was not planned. Ryan Seacrest told "They didn't make a final decision to make it 13 until the end.” We interpret this to mean that if the other Wild Cards had sung well enough, the judges very well might have added even more finalists.

The Idol judges have echoed Ryan’s sentiment that the number of finalists was very much up in the air during deliberation. Randy Jackson said, "We saw so many talented kids we didn't know what we were going to quite do. [This was] probably the most dramatic night we've ever had [on Idol]." Jennifer in particular agonized over their decisions. J.Lo told MTV:  "I'm still thinking about it. I'm like, 'Did we do the right thing? Did we put the right people in?'" Steven Tyler seemed a little more sure of himself, saying the 10 contestants voted in by America were "exactly who [he] picked."

Source: ETOnline, MTV