Credit: James Durbin's Facebook Photo: James, Heidi, and Hunter Celebrate Christmas

During Carole King Week, James Durbin ditched his usual theatrics and pyrotechnics for a straightforward performance of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.” When he was done impressing the judges with his vocal talents, James dedicated the song to Heidi. It was very sweet, but it begs the question, who is Heidi?

As any Durbinator knows, James was diagnosed with Tourette’s and Asperger’s when he was 9. Though he struggled with the disorders growing up, “In the middle of it all,” says James, “I met an angel.” Heidi and James met at a bar, and the rest was history. “Heidi’s just changed my life so much.” We’ll say: The couple has a 2-year-old son named Hunter. Before he appeared on Idol, James was jobless, struggling to make ends meet and buy diapers for the toddler. Luckily, we’re pretty sure that won’t be a problem anymore.

There are conflicting reports as to whether Heidi is actually James’ wife or fiancée. Regardless, the two seem pretty solid. So, sorry to any ladies hoping to invade the Durbination. This one’s taken. And we hope this duo is as permanent as the tattoo he apparently has of his lady love.

Source: James Durbin’s Twitter