Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Jennifer Lopez Waves While Denzel Washington Announces Her as a National Spokesperson for The Boys and Girls Club Of America on November 30, 2010

As an American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez was a big part of the shiny, new Idol remix we loved  in Season 10. She’s the perfect yin to Steven Tyler’s cray-cray yang! But now that Idol has catapulted Jennifer back into the limelight, she’s having reservations about coming back for Season 11. After all, her album has blown up big time, she has a new reality show to produce, and there’s even talk of a first-ever Jennifer Lopez world-wide tour. Could Ms. Lo be too busy do Idol AND carry on her music career?

But Hollywood Reporter suspects that Jennifer is just holding out for more money. Consider that she made a whopping $12 million for her work on Idol Season 10. Pretty hefty paycheck, right? Well, Simon Cowell earned $35 million a season as a judge during his tenure. Sweet sassy, that'll pay for a lot of stretchy v-necks!

So does Jennifer think she’s as important to Idol remix as Simon was to old school Idol? More importantly, does you think Jennifer think she deserves some of that Simon-level scratch? Sound off in the poll below!