Credit: James Michael's Twitter/Twitpic Photo: James Durbin Rocks It with James Michael and Marti Frederiksen

American Idol finalist James Durbin took some time off from rehearsing for the upcoming live tour to write some music. However, he didn’t just sit down at the piano and plunk out a melody, but instead collaborated with two of the biggest songwriters in rock and roll, Marti Frederickson and James Michael!

James Michael tweeted the above picture, saying “... writing an amazing song with @JDurbinAI10 and marti Frederickson.” Does James look happy in that picture or what?

Both Frederickson and Michael are huge names in the rock music industry, but Frederickson in particular pricked up our rock-loving ears. Frederickson has produced and written songs for Daughtry, Motely Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, and Aerosmith. We’re thinking it’s a pretty safe bet that Steven Tyler had something to do with James getting connected to the legendary songwriter.

Source: MJ’s Big Blog