Credit: Good Housekeeping Photo: Jennifer Hudson Covers the February 2012 Issue of Good Housekeeping

Talk about an inspiration!

Jennifer Hudson, who has dropped — and kept off — a whopping 80 pounds via Weight Watchers, is lookin' damn good as Good Housekeeping's February 2012 cover girl.

In an interview with the ladies mag, the 30-year-old American Idol alum gushed about her new figure: "I feel like a doll that I get to dress up! It's crazy. They have to drag me off the red carpet! Because now it's like, 'You're going to take a picture of what I'm wearing? You're looking at me?' I live for it."

But what finally kicked Jennifer off the couch and into high gear? Giving birth to her son, David Jr., in 2009. "Motherhood brought tremendous responsibilities — but none greater than the obligation I felt to get healthy and be there for my son," she explained. "David deserved to have a mama who could run after him without getting winded or getting tired, to have a role model who could teach him to make healthy food choices."

She continued, "What's funny is that [David Jr. has] never known me overweight. If he sees a clip of the old Jennifer from Dreamgirls, he doesn't know who it is." Kid, that's your mom — she killed it as Effie!

For more on Jennifer's weight-loss battle, pick up her new book: I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down.

Source: Good Housekeeping


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