Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Photo: Stefano Langone at Paley Fest on March 14, 2011

It’s no secret that American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has a little crush on Top 11 contestant Stefano Langone. She positively lights up whenever he’s on stage, and her comments that he should look into her eyes and “sing to her more” aren’t really very subtle, are they? We know her flirtyness is all in good fun, but we’ve wondered if anyone else has noticed the palpable heat between the two — like, say, Jen’s hub, Marc Anthony, who was also in the crowd for last night’s “sing to her more” comments.

Well, whether or not Marc is wise to J.Lo’s little crush, we know that at least a couple of last night’s in-house Idol audience were. According to E!Online, Jennifer and Stefano were chatting and exchanging their usual flirty body language when two people from the crowd yelled out to Jen, “You’re married!” then pointed to Marc in the stands. Wow, awkward!

Jennifer didn’t respond at all to the shout-y audience members. Good for her! J.Lo’s flirtations with Stefano seem totally harmless.

Source: E!Online