Credit: Splash News Photo: Jennifer Lopez Greets Fans at the Grove on April 29, 2011

Jennifer Lopez is famous for many things: she’s a multi-platinum recording artist, a top actress, an American Idol judge, a fashion icon, and the proud owner of one of the amplest (ahem) backsides in Hollywood. While buzz over Jennifer’s badonkadonk has died down in the United States, her butt still makes national headlines over in merry old England. Those randy Brits!

In a recent interview with Heat Jennifer said, "I have to say that nowhere in the world except London mentions [my butt]. When I come to the UK, it's obsessive." Then, when asked whether she ever thinks about her famous behind” (Ummm, what?), Jennifer replied, "No! You guys think about it enough for me."

While Ms. Lo did her best to deflect all the butt buzz, she’s still very proud of her tush. In a previous interview, she boasted she “could serve coffee with it, using [her] rear as a ledge.” We’re sure that trick comes in handy at parties.

Source: Digital Spy