Jennifer Lopez didn’t exactly get what she asked for this Christmas. 

The former American Idol judge just lost a courtroom battle against her ex-driver, Hakob Manoukian. Once J.Lo’s main chauffeur, Hakob is now suing the star for unspecified damages after allegedly being forced to resign by Jennifer’s pushy manager, Benny Medina. While Jennifer tried to fight back with a $20 million countersuit of her own, the judge chose to rule in the ex-driver’s favor. 

J.Lo’s suit — which was ultimately dismissed by the judge — claimed that Hakob had demanded $2.8 million from her or he would start spilling the secrets he’d learned while driving her around to the media.

After Hakob’s lawyer claimed Jennifer was simply trying to punish his client for filing an employment lawsuit, the judge agreed and dismissed J.Lo’s countersuit. The former chauffeur’s lawsuit, however, is still pending. 

Source: TMZ