Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Jennifer Lopez Performs at KIIS FM's Wango Tango Concert on May 14, 2011

Jennifer Lopez’s legal team has been working overtime to block the release of her pre-fame honeymoon video, in which she appeared completely naked. Yesterday, J.Lo scored a victory, keeping creepy ex-husband Ojani Noa and his girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez, from selling the footage to the highest-bidding pornography site.

Now Vasquez’s lawyer is claiming that one of the executive producers of this “project,” Ed Meyer, stole the original footage. In a letter acquired by Radar Online, Vasquez’s lawyer writes to Meyer, “You were on notice of the order and using false pretenses, you removed the drive from her house. You have been asked to return it by Claudia Vazquez, myself, and law enforcement authorities. Bring the drive with you to court. We intend to ask the Court to order you to hand the drive to Jennifer Lopez's attorney's immediately."

The judge ruled that Meyer not only to turn over the tape, but that it should be locked in a safety deposit box for-ev-er, with the only key to be held by Jennifer’s lawyer.

In addition, Meyer will be placed under oath to testify that any portion of the footage existing elsewhere will be erased. Jennifer’s lawyer will also have the tape analyzed by an expert to determine if copies have been made. In other words, Jennifer is doing absolutely everything within her power to keep the video from being leaked. And we don’t blame her one bit!

Sources: RadarOnline, E!