Credit: Jason Merritt and Christopher Polk /Getty Images Photo: Jessica Sanchez Attends the 26th Annual Carousel of Hope Ball

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ hit coronation song “Home” seems to be virtually everywhere (not that we’re complaining), but many of us Jessica Sanchez supporters have been chomping at the bit to catch even a few notes off her upcoming debut album.

Happily, fans got just that yesterday as she surprised them via a ustream chat with an a capella serenade of a few lines from one of the songs. The soon-to-be Glee actress seems to mess up the lyrics at one point, but even that is as adorbs as she is.

As we previously reported, last season’s runner-up describes the album as “dancey,” and something she can see “being remixed and in the clubs.” This one sounds a bit more like a love song/ballad, and she croons about how “no one compares.”

Jessica Sanchez did say fans could expect some ballads on the new album, but they would have more of the “R&B/Pop/Urban kind of feel.”

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Source: YouTube

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jessica Sanchez Gives Sneak Peek of Song From New Album (VIDEO)