There’s no need to worry about whether Phillip Phillips will be taken care of when he returns to the stage for the American Idol Season 11 Summer Tour, following his kidney surgery earlier this month. Runner-up Jessica Sanchez says he’ll have a whole family at his side — in the form of his former co-contestants!

“We’re all a big family. Brothers and sisters,” Jessica told Rumor Fix in a tour rehearsal interview. “We take care of each other. So when he gets back we’re gonna be taking care of him. It’s nothing like ‘Oh, we haven’t seen you so we’re not gonna pay attention to you.’ It’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re back! We’re gonna take care of you!’”

Ninth-placer Heejun Han isn’t quite so peachy about the matter. “They will take care of him, I won’t. I don’t really care,” he snapped (jokingly, of course).

Phillip will make his big return to the stage on July 4 in Washington D.C., and while he’s not yet 100%, it’s good to know he’ll be in good hands when the Idol gang goes on the road starting on July 6 in Detroit, Michigan.

Source: Rumor Fix

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jessica Sanchez Talks With Rumor Fix About American Idols Live Tour