Now that Phillip Phillips is officially American Idol’s Season 11 winner, the next step (after his surgery and Idol summer tour, of course) will be to release his first album as a fledgling musician!

When we caught up with him on last night’s American Idol finale red carpet, mentor Jimmy Iovine spilled a few details about what’s to come from Phillip’s first album.

“I will meet with Phillip when I have some time and pick… one producer,” he explained. “He wants to do a singer-songwriter album so we got to find the right producer.”

Phillip has expressed excitement about the idea of penning his own music before joining the show. After his performance of “Beggin’” by Madcon on the Top 3 showdown last week, he was especially flattered when the judges suggested he had songwriting in his future.

Phillip definitely seems like the kind of musician who will want control over the album he creates, but Jimmy says he’ll need to collaborate in the studio. “I've never met a musician who is not stubborn,” he said. “It's a good thing. But you got to have a bit of give-and-take in the studio. This is a show and it's different to making a record. In the studio you have to have a little give-and-take or it just doesn't work. I never make records with people where I just tell them what to do.”

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