Hakob Manoukian, who started chauffeuring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony around in 2005 and later became their exclusive head of transportation, is suing the star for unspecified damages after allegedly being forced to resign by J.Lo's overbearing manager, Benny Medina. According to TMZ, Manoukian shut down his company due to his promotion with Lopez, which earned him more than $200,000 annually (that's somewhat more than the usual wage for that line of work in this economy, on the off chance you were wondering).

Apparently, during the filming of What to Expect When You're Expecting last year, Manoukian started crossing paths more frequently with Mr. Medina, who "hated his guts from the start," publicly complaining that "he could not speak English well enough" (Hakob is an Iraqi immigrant). Ouch!

The suit further claims that Medina was instrumental in convincing J.Lo to demote Manoukian, relinquishing him of his security duties (and naturally, a good chunk of that aforementioned change). For his part, Medina told TMZ that the driver was a "disgruntled employee who chose to quit."

As for J.Lo, she is clearly being driven all over the place by someone, since she tweeted just today that she was "about to roll up to press conference" for her new album, entitled Love?

Source: TMZ

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