Credit: Playgirl Photo: Keith Urban on the Cover of Playgirl in 2001

New and relatively unassuming American Idol judge Keith Urban played the self-deprecating role with Jay Leno yesterday regarding his 2001 Playgirl photo shoot.

Keith revealed on The Tonight Show that exposing his smoking hot bod should be filed under the “What the hell was I thinking?” category. Not surprisingly, Playgirl has no regrets and is even a bit hurt by the country crooner’s revelation.

“Oh Keith Urban... why must you break our hearts?” a blog post on the Playgirl website read. “We still have fond, fond memories of your 2001 photoshoot with Playgirl, and yet you question ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ Well, we know what you were thinking: A body like that is too HOT not to share.”

We’re guessing that there are plenty of women ready to tune in for the upcoming season of Idol who share those sentiments!

Source: Playgirl