The original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is back on the Top 6 elimination results show tonight! We’ve been waiting all week to see Kelly perform her new single “People Like Us” off her compilation album Greatest Hits: Chapter One.

No matter how many superstars American Idol has produced over the years, or how many awards, accolades and number one hits they’ve scored, Kelly Clarkson will always be THE American Idol to us. After hearing her belt out “Natural Woman” on Season 1, we fell instantly in love and we’ve stayed that way ever since.

On American Idol tonight, Kelly Clarkson showed the Top 6 how it should be done with an amazing performance that shows why she walked away with the crown in the show’s inaugural season — and could do it again right now if she was a finalist on Season 12! Enjoy Kelly’s fabulous performance of “People Like Us” below and tell us, is she still your favorite American Idol winner too?

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Credit: FOX Photo: Kelly Clarkson Sings "People Like Us" on American Idol 2013