Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images Photo: Kelly Clarkson and Fiance Brandon Blackstock

From the second she declared “Cool beans!” on American Idol Season 1, we just knew Kelly Clarkson was a no-frills kind of girl. The newly engaged singer sat down with People for a behind-the-scenes interview during a recent photoshoot, and she told them about her laissez faire attitude towards wedding planning.

“I’m really highly nonchalant,” she joked. “It’s kind of a lot to plan, though.”

The candid singer said she never even thought she’d get married, and she is the exact opposite of a “bridezilla.” She joked that she wouldn’t even care if the cake fell off the table or something caught on fire. Okay, that may a stretch, Kell (we can call her “Kell,” right?).

It’s not that Kelly doesn’t care, as she pointed out, but as she said, “I value the important things.”

“We’re going to have a fun wedding, regardless if it rains.”

Silly Kelly -- rain on a wedding day is good luck, which is what we wish her!

Which American Idol alum do you think will be the next to get married?  

Source: People