Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Season 1 Winner Kelly Clarkson Performs on American Idol

 If you were one of the many Kelly Clarkson fans who just couldn’t wait for the October 25 release of her new album, Stronger, and took a listen to the tracks that leaked in mid-July, you might be surprised to learn that many of those songs will definitely not be sung by the original American Idol. “They’re awesome songs, [but] they’re just not songs I would normally sing,” Kelly tells Entertainment Weekly.

Instead, many of the tracks are nearly a decade old and were written by Clarkson for other artists. Tunes such as “Let Me Down,” “Dumb + Dumb = U,” “Cleopatra,” and “Don’t Be a Girl” somehow found their way onto the internet, and many of them had a decidedly un-Kelly sound. For example, one song, “What Doesn’t Kill You,” sounded closer to something Pink would rock out to than anything Clarkson has tackled before.

“I think what made me mad was that, one, people stole from me, and two, everybody had no idea what my next album was going to sound like,” says Kelly. While a few of the leaked tracks will end up on the final album, fans will get a taste of exactly which direction she’s going musically when Stronger’s first single, “Mr. Know It All,” debuts in early September.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, MTV