Credit: @allen_kimberly Photo: Kris Allen in car crash

Kris Allen broke his wrist in a scary car accident earlier this year, but the former American Idol winner hasn’t let it stop him from doing what he loves best — making amazing music.


Back on New Years Day, Kris Allen and his pregnant wife, Katy, were in a nasty head-on collision that left them battered and bruised. Kris broke his wrist in the accident and had to undergo surgery, but luckily that was the worst injury to come out of the crash.


Sporting a wrist brace and doing rehab therapy on the go, Kris Allen was soon back out touring across the country. With his baby boy coming on the way in just a few short months, Kris has to get in as much road time as possible before it’s time to take a break and start changing diapers!


On Saturday, April 20, the American Idol Season 8 winner played at Lincoln Hall in Chicago and thrilled the crowd with an awesome cover of Peter Gabriel’s classic “In Your Eyes”. Enjoy a taste of Kris Allen in action and check out his website for tour dates in a city near you!


Credit: YouTube Photo: Kris Allen Covers Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes" at Lincoln Hall in Chicago