This news is not music to anyone's ears.

Martha Heredia, who won Latin American Idol in 2009, was arrested at an airport on February 20 for allegedly smuggling 2.9 pounds of heroin in her suitcase, according to CBS News.

Police say the heroin, which carries a street value of $1 million, was stuffed into the heels of her platform shoes. Police made the discovery as Martha tried to board a plane from the Dominican Republic to New York.

Martha, who is 22, faces more than ten years in prison if convicted.

This is another sad turn of events for Martha in the short time since her victory on the singing show.

In December 2010, she accidentally hit and killed a teenage boy with her car in the Dominican Republic, for which she had to pay a cash settlement to the boy's family.

Last month, Martha filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband.  

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