Credit: Lauren Alaina's Twitter Photo: Lauren Alaina Suffers a Sprained Ankle

Poor Lauren Alaina hasn't always been the most graceful of ladies. Anyone remember the moment she fell down the stairs of the Idol mansion, and how the show clip was played over and over again? The lesson of this classic American Idol scene is that high heels, stairs, and sleep deprivation do not mix!

Well, now it seems Lauren is at it again. During a recent performance on the summer tour, the clumsy crooner announced to the Portland audience that she had slipped down yet another flight of stairs!  Apparently the spill was so painful she burst into tears backstage. But ever the optimistic she quipped that she was glad the fall happened backstage otherwise America would have seen her tumble down the stairs for the second time!

Lauren later tweeted about her injury, “Good news &. Bad news. It's not broken but I have a third degree sprain and I have a boot and crutches!”

No word yet on whether she’ll have to sit out any upcoming shows. But injury or not, Lauren greeted fans after the show in Portland, even getting up from her wheelchair to interact with them personally. Good ol’ Lauren. She’s country-strong, if a little clumsy.

Source: MJ’s Big Blog