News about the confirmed American Idol Season 12 judging lineup barely settled in before the first buzz of feuding between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj came through.

Yesterday, reports abounded that the two were at each other’s throats during the first day of auditions for the show in New York City. Mariah reportedly kept interrupting Nicki’s critiques for Idol hopefuls, which led Nicki to begin talking over Mariah to get a word in edgewise.

But now, the female judges are speaking out about the feud rumors.

MTV visited the set yesterday and asked the two ladies about whether there was any bad blood between them. Mariah laughed off the story, saying, “How are we gonna feud in two days? A feud takes a little longer to spread out [than that] ... its fun, it’s music, it’s singing, it’s laughter!” Meanwhile, Nicki simply giggled at the matter, apparently amused by the gossip.

Well, there you have it. Do you think Mariah’s words seal the deal that there’s no beef with Nicki, or do you think she’s just playing nice ... for now?

Credit: MTV News Photo: Mariah Carey Speaks Out Against Nicki Minaj Feud Rumors on MTV

Source: MTV

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