Quick -- when you hear the word “Diva,” who do you picture? If you answered Mariah Carey , the Aussies have a story for you. The pop star-turned-American Idol judge is heading Down Under to play at Allphones Arena on January 3, and her list of dressing room requests does not disappoint.

According to The Daily Telegraph, she has asked for the following:

1. Her room should air conditioned, but not just set to any old willy nilly temperature. It should be at “about 24 degrees.” Mimi likes it chilly! Makes sense, as she’ll be able to cozy up to husband Nick Cannon.

2. There should be a lamp in her room so “harsh lighting may be turned off.” Yeah, that whole lighting thing wasn’t just a rumor.

3. The dressing room should have eight not seven, not nine but eight “tall, leafy plants,” and the furniture must be in plain colors. Let’s keep it simple, folks!

4. Last but not least, she demands chilled Cristal champagne (of course) and a bottle of $300 Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon, which may or may not be sipped with her also-requested “bendy straws.” We totally get it, those straight straws are just unmanageable.

What would be on your super-star list of demands?

Source: The Daily Telegraph