Credit: Instagram/Mariah Carey Photo: Mariah Carey Without Makeup.jpg

Wow! Mariah Carey may have just turned 43, but she is certainly not looking her age in this makeup-free photo. The American Idol 2013 judge is a superstar singer, actress, loving wife and doting mother of twins — and still looks as fresh as a 20-year-old ingenue!

Mariah Carey celebrated her 43rd birthday on March 27, but we’re pretty convinced she must be lying about her age... no way she’s over 40! Is she for real? Well, according to her official bio, she was born on March 27, 1970. So apparently she really is in her fourth decade, but we still think she is as smoking hot as most ladies half her age!

Although she refused to acknowledge her birthday on American Idol, Mariah sent out this adorable ‘makeup-free’ pic of herself to her fans via Instagram in honor of “Worldwide Lamb Day” — a totally made up holiday. "Love to all the lambily!!! #WWLD," Mariah wrote in a message attached to the photo.

The “lambily” loves you back Mariah! (Although we do detect perhaps a hint of color on those luscious lips dahling?)