Credit: Reverb Nation Photo: Meet American Idol Top 40 Contestant Jacob Lusk

Los Angeles native Jacob Lusk didn't have to travel far for his American Idol audition! Aside from his hometown there isn't much inside info this contestant. Jacob Lusk wisely took his Facebook account down — but not before a sneaky fan took a screenshot of his profile. After poring over its contents, we can deduce that Jacob Lusk makes great cornbread, likes getting pedicures, and is apparently "a man of integrity." We look forward to getting to know Jacob Lusk as the season continues!

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Who sang it better? Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart both take on "God Bless the Child."

Watch Jacob Lusk audition with "Papa Was a Rolling Stone."

Credit: FoxBroadcasting on YouTube Photo: American Idol Audition: Jacob Lusk Sings "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by The Temptations

Jacob Lusk sings "God Bless the Child":

Credit: You Tube Photo: American Idol Hollywood Week Round 3: Jacob Lusk Sings "God Bless the Child"