Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Colton and Schyler Dixon in Season 11, Episode 1: Savannah Auditions

With his overgrown fauxhawk and smooth vocals, country cutie (he hails from Murfreeboro, Tennessee) Colton Dixon was a standout favorite in Season 11. He and his sister Schyler auditioned in Nashville in Season 10, and he was thisclose to landing in the Top 24. While his sister came back to audition in Savannah in Season 11, Colton only came for moral support. That is, until the judges cajoled him into auditioning again. The siblings impressed the judges enough to both score Hollywood tickets.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Colton Dixon Be Forced to Audition by Sister Schyler Dixon in American Idol Season 11 Savannah Auditions on January 18, 2012

After he was sent home in Season 10, Colton appeared on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the erstwhile American Idol judge told him never to give up. In the year following, Colton made tons of videos and recorded many songs. If you follow him on Twitter or visit his website, you’ll see Colton is very dedicated to being a Christian and is a self-proclaimed “Jesus Freak.”

Credit: Ellen DeGeneres Photo: Video: Colton Dixon Visits The Ellen Degeneres Show

Idol tried to stir up some sibling drama by portraying a hotbed of sibling rivalry between Colton and Schyler during her Season 11 audition — which, admittedly, he did take over. But Colton tweets that it was all Hollywood magic: “Haha. She was a little annoyed, but not how they portrayed her. She was glad that I could do it again with her:-)   …. my sister is the sweetest girl in the world. What you saw was [sic] editing.”

Aw! Such a sweet pair of sibs. Unfortunately, Colton's Idol run ended surprisingly, when the favorite was elminated on April 18 after the Top 7 performances. 

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Credit: You Tube Photo: Video: Jacee Badeaux, Colton Dixon, and Brett Loewenstern Vie For the Last Top 24 Spot
Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Colton Dixon Perform Daughtry's "What About Now" in American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week Round 3 on February 15