Nick Cannon is inherently Team Mariah Carey when it comes to his wife’s feud with fellow American Idol  judge Nicki Minaj, but he thinks the fight is being blown out of proportion for the sake of entertainment value.

While hosting “Family Day” at the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, he chatted up Extra about last week’s incident in which Nicki shouted profanities at Mariah and admitted, “It’s hard to see anyone get spoken to in such a way, but I think it is what it is.”

He added that it’s mostly “sensationalism and … theatrics,” but people are drawn to the drama.

Nick’s said before that Mariah’s not interested in catfights and thinks that the focus of the show should continue to remain upon the contestants. “The reason why I believe America loves those shows is because they want to see young people accomplish their dreams, and they like to follow the journey, and then when you take the focus on that, I feel like it kind of deteriorates the brand, so hopefully they get it right,” said Nick.

As for the reports that Mimi beefed up her security team in response to the claim that Nicki threatened to shoot her, Nick laughed and said, “What people may not know [is] my wife always has lots of security … whether it’s twenty-seven or twenty-nine security guys, it’s always a lot of security, but that’s just taking the proper precautions in any situation ‘cause you never know what could happen.”

Also, he’s not worried about how she’ll fare in the tiff with Nicki either. “My wife is the strongest woman I ever met. She don’t need no help from me. She got this,” he chuckled.

Nick does hope that Nicki and Mariah can ultimately settle their feud and have a good time with Idol this season. “I hope [they can get along],” he said. “You never want to see two women disagree like that. You want to see women loving each other.”

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Credit: Extra Photo: Nick Cannon Tells Extra That Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Feud is "Sensationalism" and "Theatrics"

Source: Extra

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