After another subpar performance by Lazaro Arbos on last night's American Idol, Nicki Minaj placed the blame not squarely on his shoulders, but also on mentor Jimmy Iovine.


Following a performance that Randy Jackson described as his "worst performance," the judges and Lazaro seemed at a loss for the drop off behind Lazaro's performances. Randy continued, "It was out of tune from beginning to end. Something has definitely happened to you. Where did the vocals go? You are just not hitting it on all cylinders."


Nicki echoed this feedback but also pointed a fingers towards the reason behind the shift in what seemed to be a not-so thinly veiled shot at Jimmy Iovine.


"I still feel you are not back to the Lazaro I remember. I need them to stop putting you in the room with Jimmy, I can't take it any more. Your confidence is different now. You used to come on the stage and were owning it honey child, and working it, but now I don't know." She also added, "You know what you do, don't let anyone else tell you what to do. Where is your mind? Something is bothering you and I need you back."


Source: Entertainment Wise