Nicki Minaj, who’s rumored to be the newest pick for American Idol Season 12’s judging table, sure has an interesting way of handling criticism.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nicki cancelled several planned shows in the U.K. after suffering strained vocal cords, reasoning that it was a better decision than lip-synching on-stage. But her response to upset and critical fans led to some colorfully-worded tweets, some of which have since been deleted from her account.

"I was in jeopardy of losing my voice entirely and needing surgery on my vocal chord (sic). If u can't understand that, your mother's a WHORE!!!!” she tweeted to more than 14 million followers. “I will NOT let you people make me feel horrible for a f**king HEALTH issue! That's what got me in this mess! I shldve listened 2 the doctor!” she wrote. “Like people are hitting me telling me I shldve mimed. No! Then you woulda make a f---ing STORY out of that too!”

For what it’s worth, Nicki did apologize to fans about the cancellations, writing, “Barbz, u know how much I hate disappointing u guys.”

Source: The Hollywood ReporterTwitter

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