If we’ve learned anything about the Season 12 of American Idol in these months leading up to the big premiere, it’s that new judge Nicki Minaj may very well take center stage. According to many, the look on her face after hopefuls perform tells a story in and of itself, but it’s what comes from her mouth that is most shocking.
Never one to be shy, Nicki revealed that she wants the males singers on Idol to show off their hot bodies!

“[The best thing a contestant can do to impress me is] flash me,” she said. “That would make me remember a person. One boy in particular took his shirt off his shirt and was trying to be all sexy.”

While the “Starships” rapper and former judge Steven Tyler engaged in a bit of war of words on Twitter a few months ago, it’s these kind of statements that make us kind of wish the two of them would be at the judges table together. There would certainly be no shortage of shocking statements.

Are you excited to see Nicki judge on tonight’s big American Idol premiere?

Source: Yahoo! New Zealand