New American Idol  judge Nicki Minaj is herself a rapper, but she’s not about to encourage any aspiring hip-hop artists to seek fame and fortune on the hit reality competition.
“This is definitely not a rap competition,” said Nicki during a Television Critics Association Tour press conference. “America loves that it’s an honest singing competition and I’m not here to change that, I’m here to judge.”

The controversial judge explained that it goes both ways, with rappers likely to lose their believability with fans should they showcase their talents on a TV show.

“I started off in the streets, selling mixtapes out of my car,” Nicki said. “The hip-hop community wants you to be credible. With singing, people don’t necessarily care what you’ve gone through...But with rap, it’s different. I would never go on a show like this as a rapper. I wouldn’t encourage anyone else as a rapper to come on. I don’t think it’s authentic.”

Would you want to see more hip-hop artists on Idol?

Source: Los Angeles Times