It turns out that American Idol Judge, Nicki Minaj has a simple influence when it comes to her use of vibrant color and loud, outlandish costumes and outfits: musician and reality TV star, Cyndi Lauper.


In an interview with British magazine, Hello!, Nicki discussed several elements of her style, but her revelation about being influenced by the 80s pop star was the most interesting part of the interview.


"Cyndi Lauper because she is the first person who used color in a way that made me feel excited. She used it on her face and hair, her clothes, her accessories. She would put different colored shapes and cut outs in her hair, and that made me want to explore the world. I remember thinking, 'I want to get to that part of the word where people dress like that and act like that."


Certainly, this helps us to more closely understand Nicki's "True Colors" when it comes to picking out what she wears.


Source: Hello!