Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Paul McDonald Flashes a Smile at the American Idol Finalist Party on March 3, 2011

Paul McDonald’s ultra-violet smile has lit up the American Idol Season 10 stage. His crazy-white teeth seem powered by a halogen bulb, which the singer himself attributes to his never drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes in his life, and brushing his teeth “once or twice a day.” He also credits the toothpaste he’s been using since he high school — Crest Advanced Vivid White — mentioning that he wouldn’t fuss if the company sent him a free box or two. You don’t say!

But given that Paul is as well known for his gleaming choppers as he is for his singing, it will come as no surprise that before Paul hit the touring circuit with his band the Grand Magnolias, he was studying to become a dentist!

Said Paul, “I was going to be a dentist beforehand, before all this rock-and-roll stuff started, so I figured I need to keep my teeth decent. I'm being dead serious. I went to school for biomedical sciences and I was going to be a pediatric dentist before the rock-and-roll singer/songwriter path took off."

We think Paul should write a jingle for Crest. We can hear it now:

Paul McDonald had some Crest
His pearly whites, they look the best

You get the idea…