Credit: Juan Sharma/ Photo: Jennifer Lopez Shows up for American Idol Hollywood Week Auditions on December 9, 2010

Jennifer Lopez is landing on the 'Worst Dressed' list of some very angry animal lovers.

The sassy style icon recently posed for the September issue of Vanity Fair in a full-length Arctic fox pelt. Although the luxe look set fashionistas' hearts aflutter, it also attracted the ire of PETA. Dan Mathews, a spokesperson for the animal rights group, called Jennifer out on her fashion fur-pas. He tells The Sun, "People who wear fur are either ignorant or arrogant about animal suffering. J-Lo is situated firmly in the arrogant camp."

This wouldn't be the first time Jennifer has clashed with PETA over her love of animal fur. Back in 2005, PETA began a campaign against the extensive use of fur in her clothing line Sweetface. The controversy even inspired a surprisingly fun computer game called J.Lo Fur Bully on the Block, where players try to rescue animals from Jen's clothing factory. 

While we think Jennifer looks fab in Vanity Fair, it wouldn't hurt her to find more animal-friendly style options. Think of those poor foxes, Lo!

Source: The Sun