Phillip Phillips really must be feeling better these days! Last night, he made it out to the Los Angeles premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man and chatted about being in “go, go, go” mode for the American Idol Season 11 Summer Tour.

Speaking to USA Today, Phillip said that “rehearsals are going well” for him and that he’s been “feeling really good” these days, following his intense kidney operation earlier this month.

Preparations for the summer tour, which kicks off on July 6, have “been very busy, non-stop with interviews and rehearsals and studios. It’s a lot of go, go, go,” he said.

Phillip’s still recovering, of course. When he’s not busy with prep, he’s finding time to rest, and his fellow performers encourage him to slow down. “I'll try to keep going and people around me will say no, you need to lay down,” said the singer.

We’re happy to hear things are still on the upswing for Phillip!

Source: USA Today

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