In the few months since Phillip Phillips won Season 11 of American Idol, the singer has already achieved some great successes. From having his first single used during the Olympics to it going platinum, it’s been a good year for the Louisiana native.

But is he worried about succumbing to the “curse” of past male Idol winners?

Speaking to the Filipino media while in Manila, Philippines for the American Idols Live! tour, Phillip brushed off any comparisons to previous male champs.

“Some people might think I’m different; some people think I’m the same,” he said. “But I feel different from the past winners.”

He added, “I just play music because I love it. I don’t want to do anything but play music. ... I’m not worried about [the curse].”

With his debut album set for release early next year, we have a feeling Phillip will pleasantly surprise a lot of people. Plus, he seems too laid back and logical to be superstitious.

Source: The Philippine Star, MTV

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