Phillip Phillips is still struggling with the chronic kidney stone problem he endured during American Idol, but he’s got plenty of support from girlfriend Hannah Blackwell!

Appearing on Access Hollywood yesterday, Phillip was asked whether the surgery he went through before hitting the American Idols Live! cross-country tour has made him completely better yet. “It should,” he responded. “I have to get a couple of check-ups soon to make sure everything’s doing good but it seems to be doing pretty good.”

Hannah, his longtime girlfriend from back home in Georgia, has been giving him some much-needed care throughout everything. “She watches after me,” Phillip gushed. “She’s a sweetheart.”

He admitted that there have been times during the arduous summer tour when his body reminds him of his limitations. “You know, every now and then if I’ve been going too much, it’ll tell me I need to lay down, sleep or something, but I’m doing really good,” said the singer.

Here’s hoping Phillip’s next check-up is nothing but stellar!

Credit: Access Hollywood Photo: Phillip Phillips Talks Girlfriend Hannah Blackwell and Kidney Surgery Recovery on Access Hollywood

Source: Access Hollywood

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