Phillip Phillips appears to be putting in a lot of face-time lately. The American Idol Season 11 champ has been making the publicity rounds for the past few weeks in between tour stops for American Idols Live! and readying his debut album.

But his latest interview on The Today Show this morning came with its own surprise: Phillip received his first platinum record for selling a million copies of his coronation single, “Home.”

“Man, I haven’t even seen it, this is a surprise,” he said with a smile. The grand gesture from his record label, 19 Entertainment, certainly bolsters Phillip’s claim that there’s no beef between them.

The singer is still astonished by how far his first single has gotten him. “I never thought any of this would ever happen, so it’s just a true blessing,” Phillip said.

Is he too cute or what?

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Credit: The Today Show Photo: Phillip Phillips Surprised With Platinum Record, Performs "Home" on The Today Show

Source: The Today Show

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